check mateWorldwide Provisions provides the best value in business consulting, sales and services to your company.  This added value works perfectly for both Retail and Food Service Operators and Distributors.

We build Food Service and Retail businesses from scratch. Our services range from price determination, budget planning, cost analysis, nutritional facts, barcode implementation, product legal requirements, inventory management, sales, etc. We provide solutions for Retail and Grocery sales for the consumer's packaged goods Industry. We are knowledgeable of all aspects of the Food Retail and Food Service business. Our services are 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Worldwide Provisions adds value to your products by providing:

  • Knowledge of the product, industry and country - We reach extensive product knowledge of the products we represent. Nothing sells better than knowledge about the product.
  • Technical and service expertise - Every customer deserves personalized service and attention. We provide desired results through excellence in service, integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism. The quality of our service is directly proportionate to the strength of our members.
  • Business experience - We have professional representatives committed to you, your company and your products. Outsourcing your sales and brand management saves you money, capital and resources.
  • Contacts with decision makers - We offer exceptional local knowledge with access to all levels of distribution in our market.

Worldwide Provisions employs the most up-to-date software. With several different marketing tools we can create websites, presentations, brochures and promotions (some of them interactive) for your products customized to your needs.

Worlwide Provisions concentrates on the challenge of expanding your business, constantly analyzing the market and your product. We develop plans by testing different scenarios and propose solutions to each problem. We are proactive because we have a mutual business to take care of.

We are constantly looking for longstanding relationships with Principals and Wholesalers Distributors. By providing our professionalism and expertise we can increase market share for the products we represent. Sales are very important but service and support are the complement to success. Manufacturers have faith on us because they know they have join a winning firm.

We provide Principals with the most accurate information about the Retail and Food Service market trends and statistics. We are a Food Broker with attitude, proactive and aggresive. We provide direct support to retail and foodservice distributors in the southeast; but we are not limited to this area.

We sell to retail and foodservice markets. We sell directly to wholesalers or distributors. We can sell to retail chains too. We provide to wholesalers and distributors the features and benefits that they need to sell their products profitably at a very competitive prices.

We also offer consulting services for small manufacturers who don't want broker representation, but are just looking for help or advice. Or just marketing and advertising services for those wanting quality, effective sales brochures, or other Point-Of-Sale materials designed for them.

Introducing a new product in the market is expensive. With Worldwide Provisions you get a focused and proactive sales and marketing team without the added expenses (if you have to hire somebody you have to pay taxes, benefit packages, recruiting, training and turnover costs, travel expenses, etc…). Outsourcing could save you up to 50% in your overall expenses.

Brand management is like growing a child. You feed them, watch them grow, and help them when they need you. You work hard for your child to grow up healthy, strong and successful. And then you feel so happy when you finally see that all your hard work paid off.

Good sales and marketing plans involve processes running in the background, like product knowledge, sales tactics, strategies, attitude, enthusiasm and goals. Without these processes sales would be just bartering or basic interchange of goods.

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