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On top of the worldWorldwide Provisions is a full service Food Broker and Business Consultant company founded in Atlanta, Georgia 

We target American and Hispanic markets in the USA both at the retail and food service level. All of our employees are fully bilingual with contacts in both the traditional American market and the rapid growing and evolving Hispanic market.

Worldwide Provisions’ core focus is to assists food manufacturers and wholesale distributors grow, diversify and target new markets.

Our advanced sales and marketing techniques are directed at the rapidly growing American and Hispanic markets. In today’s competitive world we have a robust IT presence to reinforce traditional sales techniques.

Worldwide Provisions is a leading Hispanic food service broker in the Georgia market. We are an independent company that partners with food manufacturers and act on their behalf by marketing and selling their products within the United States. Over 25 years of business experience and more than 10 years in the Food Service and Food Retail market has allowed us the opportunity to work with different product lines from dairy, frozen foods, beverages, vegetable oils to specialty ethnic food products.

We specialize in helping smaller, independent manufacturers of excellent quality products that need help to market and sell their products. Our services help companies avoid the cost of in-house sales, marketing and IT employees. Often larger companies need help launching a new product, but do not want the added burden of hiring new staff. Worldwide Provisions allows companies the flexibility to outsource this work and save money.

We fill the need of these manufacturers by providing contacts and expertise. We provide service and marketing excellence that exceeds the industry standards. We have educated, motivated and enthusiastic executives with extensive market knowledge. We always reinvest and reinvent until we find the right path for each and every product.

We are the most dynamic Food Brokerage Agency around. 
We provide stellar sales and marketing performance, dramatic market share growth, new product success, sales management, development of distribution channels and direct marketing to consumers. However, that is not all. With our robust IT department we can connect our partners to the digital world as well. Website design, social media, and flash web sales all can be set up in house.

We are brokers dedicated to the long- term success of our principals and customers. We invest in talented people but also in the latest technology. 

We adquired the name "Worldwide Provisions" for two reasons. “Worldwide” because our goal is to cover the whole world. With a bilingual staff and extensive International and National contacts, this goal is in our reach. “Provisions” because food provisions are what everybody needs, every day, at least 3 times a day. That's a necessity. It is not a luxury or a craving; it is something essential to our lives.

Worldwide Provisions is a results oriented company. We are creative, knowledgeable, and passionate about our beliefs and the products we represent.

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